Community Support Resources

Menno Simons College is invested in the holistic well-being of our students. We encourage you to explore the resources outlined below.

Crisis Lines

  • Medical and Security Emergency: 911
  • Klinic Crisis Lines:
    • 24 hour Crisis Line: 204.786.8686
    • Sexual Assault: 204.786-8631
    • Suicide Line: 1.877.435.7170
  • Domestic Violence Crisis & Information Line: 1.877.977.0007
  • Winnipeg Regional Health Authority Crisis Line: 204.946.9109

The University of Winnipeg Student Support

  • Aboriginal Student Services Centre: 2L01, 2L02, 204.786.9818
    Advocacy, personal advising, counseling, Elders in Residence
  • Aurora Family Therapy Centre: 5th Floor Rice Centre, 491 Portage Ave., 204.786.9251
    Therapy on a sliding fee scale
  • Wellness Centre: 1D25, 204.988.7611
    Free counseling for University of Winnipeg students
  • Accessibility Services, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services: 1M35, 204.786.9771
    Resources and support for students with disabilities or medical conditions                                     
  • International, Immigrant and Refugee Student Services: 8th Floor Rice Centre, 489 Portage Ave., 204.786.9469
    Settlement and mentoring for international students                                                                
  • Klinic Student Health Services: 1D25, 204.786.9496
    Medical services and related counseling
  • Rainbow Lounge: 0R13, 204.789.4244
    Resources and support for LGBT* students
  • Women-Trans Spectrum Centre: OR12, 204.789.4244
    Accessible and inclusive resource centre for women and trans students

Mental and Physical Health

  • AIDS/STI Info Line: 204.945.2437 or 1.800.782.2437
  • Health Links: 1.888.315.9257 or 204.788.8200
  • Klinic Community Health Centre: 870 Portage Ave., 204.784.4090
    Medical care, education, and counseling
  • Nor'West Coop Community Health Centre: 103-61 Tyndall Ave., 204.938.5900
    Medical care, education, and counseling
  • Sexuality Education Resource Centre: 200-226 Osborne Street North, 204.982.7800
    Education, training, and resources
  • Suicide Education:
  • Winnipeg Eating Disorders Clinic: Psychealth Centre, 771 Bannatyne Ave., 204.787.3482
    Assessment and treatment of eating disorders

Resources for Women and Men

  • A Women's Place: 200-323 Portage Ave., 204.940.6624
    Free legal services, domestic violence support, advocacy, individual & group counselling
  • Bravestone Centre Inc.: St. Norbert, 204.275.2600,                                                                  Support for women and their children affected by domestic violence; secure and safe on-site housing, individual and group counselling, support programs, advocacy,  community resources    
  • Fort Garry Women's Resource Centre: 1150-A Waverley St., 204.477.1123
    Resources, individual and group counseling, outreach, public education workshops, referrals
  • Ikwe Widdjiitiwin Inc.: 204.987.2780 or 1.800.362.3344
    Shelter for abused women and their children
  • Immigrant Women's Counseling Services: 200-323 Portage Ave., 204.940.2172
    Counseling for individuals, employment services, legal assistance, social support, advocacy, referrals
  • Ka Ni Kanichihk: 455 McDermot Ave., 204.953.5820,                                                Indigenous identified programs and services
  • Manitoba Association of Women's Shelters: 204.430.4346 or 1.877.977.0007
  • Men's Resource Centre of Manitoba: 115 Pulford St., 204.415.6797
    Individual and group counseling, support groups, workshops, emergency shelter 
  • Native Women's Transition Centre: 105 Aikins St., 204.989.8240
    Second-stage housing and job training
  • Osborne House: 24 hrs, 204-942-7373
    Shelter for women and children escaping domestic abuse
  • West Central Women's Resource Centre: 640 Ellice Ave., 204.774.8975
    Community cupboard, clothing depot and more
  • Willow Place: 204.615.0311 or 1.877.977.0007
    Emergency shelter for women and children, individual and group counseling, advocacy and outreach
  • Women in Second Stage Housing (WISH): St. Norbert, 204.275.2600
    Second stage housing for abused women and families
  • Women's Health Clinic: 419 Graham Ave. 204.947.1517
    Advocacy, eating disorders, health education, and resources

Additional Resources

  • Community Financial Counseling Services: 516-294 Portage Ave., 204.989.1900,    Assistance for heavy debt and bankruptcy issues
  • Community Legal Education Association (CLEA): 205-414 Graham Ave., 204.943.2382
  • Compensation for Victims of Crime: 1.800.262.9344 or 204.945.0899
    Financial compensation for victims of crime
  • Facts of Life Line: 1.800.432.1957 or 204.947.9222
  • Farm and Rural Stress Line: 1.866.367.3276
  • Rainbow Resource Centre: 1.855.437.8523 or
  • Gambling Help Line: 1.800.463.1554 or 204.944.6382
  • Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre: 94 McGregor St., 204.925.0300
    Counseling and support for Aboriginal families
  • SEED Winnipeg: 80 Salter St., 204.927.9935,                                                                      Financial literacy training, asset-building programs, business development support

Can't find the resource you are looking for?

You're welcome to contact MSC by confidential email at or phone 204.953.3855 for assistance in finding an organization or program to meet your needs.

You can be assured that all conversations will be kept confidential (except where disclosure is required by law) and that you will be treated with dignity, respect, and compassion.

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