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Local Opportunities


Local placements are available for both Conflict Resolution Studies and International Development Studies majors. A local practicum can be completed on a part-time basis over one or two academic semesters. Students must volunteer with an organization for approximately 80 hours.

In addition to written requirements for all practicum placements, local practicums require participation in four practicum seminars.


Application for Local Practicum

  1. Consult with the MSC Academic Advisor to ensure you have the prerequisites needed to apply for a practicum.
  2. Review practicum information on the MSC practicum webpages.
  3. Fill out the intake survey, after which the MSC Director of Practicum will contact you to set up an initial meeting. To access the intake survey, please log into your University of Winnipeg Microsoft 365 (M365) account.  
  4. Receive permission from the MSC Practicum Director to register for the appropriate practicum course and register.

Local Practicum Opportunities

NorWest Co-op Youth Hub

One Just City

ASJ Canada

For more practicum opportunities, including local placements and international placements, contact the MSC Practicum Director

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