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Local/National Practicum Application

The application process is integral to a robust practicum experience. Prior to answering, please review the questions, check-in with your site supervisor if necessary, and respond thoughtfully.

If you are an international student, submit a copy of your international student study permit and coop work permit to MSCPracticumDirector:@:uwinnipeg.ca immediately after submitting this form.

Ater submitting your form, you will receive a confirmation message along with an email containing what you submitted. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact MSCPracticumDirector:@:uwinnipeg.ca.


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If your cumulative GPA is 2.75 or below, please ask an MSC faculty to act as a reference for you.
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Placement Information
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Documents the Organization Requires *
Do you foresee any difficulties in acquiring these documents within the requested timeline? *
What are the job duties or responsibilities as discussed with your site supervisor? * Minimum 4 duties
Why do you want to work with this organization? *
How does the work of this organization or your work within the organization connect broadly or specifically to your area of study in IDS or CRS? * In one concise paragraph, note the connections between CRS or IDS and the organization or the work you will be doing.
In paragraph format, talk about the skills that you have that prepare you for this practicum placement? * i.e. program evaluation, coding, mediation, CPR, customer service, etc.
What are you hoping to learn from this practicum placement? * Minimum 4 separate points
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