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iDE Cambodia, Phnom Penh (IDS)

iDE is a Winnipeg-based organization that looks at market-based solutions to poverty. There are three streams for practicum: (1) communications and social media, (2) business research or business planning, and (3) human resources. Students interested in business, economics, or agriculture, should consider this placement. 

World Renew Cambodia? (IDS)

World Renew is a U.S. Christian-based NGO working with rural NGO and church partners in rural Cambodia. Based in Phnom Penh, they focus on building community capacity, while addressing the following areas: health, advocacy, good governance, education, agriculture, food security, and income generation. Interested students do not need to be Christian. Students interested in learning more about participatory methods and community-based organizations should consider this placement.

Echo Asia, Thailand (IDS) 

Based in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Echo Asia's goal is to serve as a resource for development workers and agriculturalists within Asia who wish to experiment with underutilized crops as they work to improve the lives of the poor. They maintain a collection of hard-to-find seeds that thrive under difficult growing conditions in the tropics and sub-tropics. Note: this is a structured three-month internship program, in which the student spends a month reading and learning about these issues while in Chiang Mai prior to a two-month rural placement. Students interested in sustainable agricultural development should consider this placement.

Star Kampuchea Cambodia (UBELONG), Cambodia (IDS or CRS)

Located in Phnom Penh, Star Kampuchea is a small Cambodian partner of a much larger internet volunteer placement agency called UBELONG. In addition to placing volunteers, Star Kampuchea supports a few small NGOs working towards improving the capacities of civil society and advocacy organizations. There is a well-structured support program for volunteers. Students who prefer working with a volunteer organization, living with other volunteers, and being situated in a large urban centre, should consider this placement.

Cambodia Volunteer Foundation (IVHQ), Cambodia (IDS or CRS)

CVF is the Cambodian arm of a much larger internet volunteer placement agency, IVHQ. One of its placement NGOs is the Youth Council of Cambodia  (YCC), an organization that empowers youth to be more involved in government policy and democratization. The placement agency also provides volunteers for English teaching, special needs childcare and computer support. Students who prefer a structured environment, working with a volunteer organization and living with other volunteers in an urban environment, should consider this placement.

Friends for Asia Foundation (IDS or CRS)

FFA is an established volunteer placement agency and has developed a variety of volunteer opportunities, mostly related to English language learning in schools but also teaching English to Buddhist monks. One of the schools which provides education to very poor students is supported by the Chinese government and would give a Canadian a unique experience in learning about non-Western countries working in Thailand. Students interested to learn more about Buddhism while teaching English, working with children and learning about the role of China in Thailand should consider this placement. 

To learn more about these and other practicum opportunities contact Ruth Taronno, Director of Practicum.



The Menno Simons College practicum is a supervised work experience in a setting related to international development or conflict resolution. It is a chance to gain work experience related to your studies and integrate your work experience with the rest of your courses.

Some students complete their practicum in Winnipeg, while others seek placements around the world. A local placement is approximately 80 hours of 'on-site' work over the span of one or two school terms. An international placement involves a minimum of three months in another country.

All students will integrate theory with practise through seminar participation and academic assignments. The final grade of pass or fail is based on two aspects:

  1. the evaluation of the site supervisor
  2. academic assignments

Academic Credit

Upon successful completion of the practicum placement, students receive 3 hours of academic credit towards a Bachelor of Arts in International Development Studies or Conflict Resolution Studies. In the case of an international placement of extended duration, a student may be eligible to receive 6 credit hours (as determined by the Practicum Director).


Eligibility and Prerequisites

A practicum is required for a 4-year major in International Development Studies and a 4-year major in Conflict Resolution Studies. Students completing a 3-year major in International Development Studies or Conflict Resolution Studies have the option of participating in practicum. In order to register for a practicum, students are required to have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 and must have completed the following courses:

Prerequisites for CRS Practicum

  • CRS-1200/6 Introduction to Conflict Resolution Studies
  • CRS-2210/3 Conflict Theory & Analysis
  • CRS-2211/1.5 Coaching Skills Workshop
  • CRS-3220/3 Models for Conflict Transformation
  • CRS-3221/1.5 Mediation Skills Workshop

Prerequisites for IDS Practicum

  • IDS-1100/6 Introduction to International Development Studies
  • IDS-2110/3 Participatory Local Development
  • Additional 6 Credit Hours of IDS Core Courses

Where Do I Start?

  1. Consult with the Menno Simons College Academic Advisor to ensure that you have the prerequisites needed to apply for a practicum.
  2. Do some research to find a suitable placement and present your idea(s) to the MSC Practicum Director or MSC Academic Advisor for approval. Do this at least three months before the start of a local practicum and at least six months before the start of an international practicum.

    If you are having difficulty finding a placement, the MSC Academic Advisor can provide you with some possible organizations and identify people to contact. Ultimately, it is the student's responsibility to find a suitable placement.
  3. Submit a local or international practicum application form. If you apply for an international practicum, you also need to submit a proposal and budget form. Menno Simons College offers partial financial assistance to each International Development Studies or Conflict Resolution Studies student participating in an international practicum.

    Application Forms:
  4. Receive permission from the Practicum Director to register for the appropriate practicum course and register.

Local Placements

Local placements are available for both Conflict Resolution Studies and International Development Studies majors. A local practicum can be completed on a part-time basis over one or two academic semesters. Students must volunteer with an organization for approximately 80 hours.

In addition to written requirements for all practicum placements, local practicums require participation in two practicum seminars.

Local practicums cover a wide range of organizations. For possible local placements, view the following lists:


International Placements

International placements are available to both International Development Studies and Conflict Resolution Studies majors. Menno Simons College students have travelled to over 60 different countries and have recently returned from placements in Cambodia, Ghana, Kenya, India, and Peru, among others.

All costs are the responsibility of the student, including airfare, accommodation, insurance, and immunizations. Some financial support is available for international practicums.

Pre-departure orientation and re-entry debriefing sessions are held for each Menno Simons College international traveller. The Practicum Director helps with logistical and cultural preparation for an international placement (see International Practicum Checklist).

Possible international organizations include those with on-going relationships to Menno Simons College such as Mennonite Central Committee, Nairobi Peace Initiative, and Hands for Hope Uganda. Students may also find a position through an international volunteer agency or personal contacts.

View or download a full list of International Practicum Ideas.


Helpful Websites for International Volunteerism


Helpful Information for International Travel

  • Passports
    Canadian Passport Applications, 433 Main Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Immunizations
    While your family doctor may be able to give you the information and immunizations you need, not all immunizations are available at every clinic. We recommend you check with a travel clinic, such as Skylark Medical Clinic (204.453.9107), Travel Health and Tropical Medicine Services (204.940.8747) or Journey's Travel Clinic (204.982.9500).
  • Travel Information
    Consular Affairs for Canada
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  • Country-specific Information
    Centre for Intercultural Learning

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