Indigenous Studies & International Development Studies

Are you interested in working in development that focuses on Indigenous communities in Canada and internationally? Consider a double major in Indigenous Studies (IS) and International Development Studies (IDS).

Through this double major, you’ll gain the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to effectively engage in development efforts within Canadian and international Indigenous communities.

The IS major is coordinated by the University of Winnipeg and the IDS major is coordinated by Menno Simons College.


The courses you’ll take will cover the concepts, theories, perspectives, and strategies within IS and IDS. You’ll examine topics like: the diversity of Indigenous communities; the role of colonialism; meanings/theories/strategies of development; barriers to and opportunities for development; the role of language and culture; the role of conflict in Indigenous development; appropriate research strategies; and more.

This double major also engages the United Nations-led Sustainable Development Goals agenda: innovative and coordinated strategies that connect grassroots, national, and international actors. Working together, these actors can address challenges faced by local/indigenous communities in Canada and around the world, such as environmental factors, inclusive economic growth and employment, health, and education.

Career opportunities and future studies

A double major in IS-IDS can be a starting point for a career in government—whether Metis, First Nations, community, city, or provincial—in nongovernmental organizations, or in industry. Graduates will also be well prepared for future studies in fields such as Indigenous governance, urban and inner city studies, resource development, and more.

Selection of Recommended Courses

Indigenous Studies Courses* International Development Studies Courses** Courses from Other Departments***
IS-1015 (6)
Introduction to Indigenous Studies
IDS-1101 (6) Introduction to International Development Studies REL/IDS-2804 (3)
Global Perspectives on Aboriginal Societies, Spiritualities & the Environment
IS-2050 (3)
Indigenous Peoples, Land and Resources
IDS-2110 (3) Participatory Local Development (formerly IDS-3110 (3) UIC/IS/POL-2020 (3) Colonization and Aboriginal Peoples
IS-3010 (3)
The Politics of Indigenous Knowledge and Biodiversity
CRS/IDS 2443 (3) Conflict & Development Issues in Indigenous Communities UIC-2001 (3)
Community Development/Community Economic Development
IS-3012/ANTH-3170 (3) Ethnoecology: A Research Approach IDS-3101 (3) Development Ethics UIC-2210 (3)
Introduction to Community Advocacy
IS-3101 (3)
Contemporary American Indian Policy in Cultural Context
IDS-2183 (3)
African Development Issues
UIC-3030 (3)
Urban & Community Planning
Indigenous Peoples, Globalization & Development
IDS-3920 (3)
Action Research Methods
HRGS-2101 (6)
Human Rights: From Local to Global
Biocultural Diversity Conservation
IDS/CRS-4920 (3) Program Planning ANTH/IDS-2160
Indigenous People and the Industrial State
  IDS/CRS-4922 (3) Program Evaluation  

*Some can be used as IDS Area Courses

**Some can be used as IS Elective Courses

***Some can be used as IDS Area Courses and/or IS Elective Courses

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