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Bonface Beti, MA in Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Manitoba
Sessional Instructor in Conflict Resolution Studies

Bonface is a multidisciplinary peacebuilder who uses theatre and arts-based approaches to create trauma-informed, nonviolent social change at the grassroots level. He is Senior Program Manager of the Green String Network and works with Amani Peoples' Theatre, both conflict transformation organizations that foster resilience with participatory approaches, and has worked in Kenya, Somalia, Rwanda, and the United States. Bonface is pursuing advanced postgraduate studies in expressive arts for conflict transformation through the European Graduate School in Switzerland and has been accepted to the University of Manitoba's peace and conflict studies PhD program.

In Winter 2021 Bonface is teaching Nonviolent Social Change. The course is influenced by one of Beti's inspirations, John Paul Lederach, who talks about the need to strengthen our moral imaginations and creative processes to transcend violence.

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Gaylen Eaton, MNRM
Sessional Instructor in International Development Studies and Conflict Resolution Studies

Gaylen has been teaching sessional courses at MSC since 2007 including Participatory Local Development, Action Research Methods, and more recently, Environmental Sustainability. Gaylen works at an environmental consulting firm in Winnipeg as an environmental researcher primarily on land and resource use studies and geographic information systems (GIS). She is experienced at designing and applying both qualitative and quantitative research methods, working with a variety of stakeholders on environmental issues and projects, and advanced GIS modelling and analysis.

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Janet Eisbrenner

Janet Eisbrenner, MA in Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation, Texas University
Sessional Instructor in Conflict Resolution Studies

Janet has been teaching conflict resolution studies courses at MSC since 2008. She currently teaches Introduction to Conflict Resolution Studies and has taught Conflict within Groups. Janet has a wide-spread educational experience including a Bachelor of Administration degree (University of Regina), a Bachelor of Arts degree in Conflict Resolution Studies (University of Winnipeg), and a Master of Arts in Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation (Abilene, Texas). She also has two years of study at the University of Saskatchewan, Bachelor of Education degree program. She holds certification in Counseling Skills, Basic Mediation, and Family Mediation. Janet is currently working towards a PhD in Human Resource Management.

Janet has extensive theoretical and practical experience in leadership, entrepreneurship, teaching, mediation, leadership, administration, conflict resolution, counseling, and business. Published research work includes a "Comparative Analysis of Mediator Credentialing Standards and Mediator Ethical Guidelines," presented at the Annual Convention of the State Bar of Texas, 2011. Janet also teaches business courses at the Asper School of Business, University of Manitoba. When Janet is not teaching, she works as a mediation, coaching and counseling practitioner and also facilitates online courses in conflict resolution and business.

Janet is married and has one son. She enjoys outdoor activities, family and friends, playing the piano, reading, wildlife conservation and animal rescue pursuits.

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Kalyn Falk

Kalyn Falk, MA, University of Winnipeg
Sessional Instructor in Conflict Resolution Studies

Kalyn was one of the first students enrolled in the Conflict Resolution Studies program at Menno Simons College (1990), and one of its first gold medallists. Since then, she has consistently looked for areas of connection between conflict and peace studies, the arts, embodiment, and personal growth and integration. Kalyn offers grounded wisdom and is an engaged and engaging instructor, with an emphasis on intrapersonal conflict, integrated learning and advocacy. She is a trainer for the Crisis and Trauma Resource Institute and Mediation Services and holds certificates in Mediation Skills, Teaching Mindfulness, and Spiritual Direction. Currently, Kalyn is the Director of the Shekinah program of St. Benedict's Monastery, Co-Director of Get Your Joey, an online social enterprise, a frequent commentator on issues around advocacy and the author of two books.

Kalyn is married and has two adult children and a chosen family member. She enjoys Taiko drumming and has become an inadvertent urban farmer.

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Zack Gross, MA in History, University of Manitoba
Sessional Instructor in International Development Studies

Zack has spent a long 45-year career in international development, mostly in areas of educating Manitobans and Canadians, advocating on a variety of development issues (such as fair trade) and working with partner groups on projects in East Africa and Central America. Currently, he is international projects officer and fair trade outreach coordinator at the Manitoba Council for International Cooperation (MCIC). Along with teaching at MSC, Zack also facilitates online diploma courses in IDS through the University of British Columbia (UBC).

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Richard Grunfeld

Richard Grunfeld, MMFTh, University of Winnipeg; MSW, University of Pennsylvania
Sessional Instructor in Conflict Resolution Studies

Conflict in the Family is a course everyone relates to. Richard has been teaching at MSC since 1996. His passion is to help students enhance their understanding of the nuanced complexities of family dynamics. A particular area of interest includes the family system as an operational entity within its particular socio/cultural environment. Working professionally with families for over 35 years as a family therapist and social worker has taught him the importance of both widening and deepening the lens of vision. Being both an instructor and practitioner, he utilizes sociological, anthropological, and psychological perspectives, as well as clinical experience to keep classroom learning relevant and imaginative.

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Izzeddin Hawamda

Izzeddin Hawamda
Sessional Instructor in Conflict Resolution Studies

Izzeddin Hawamda was born and raised in a rural village just outside of the city of Nablus in the West Bank, Palestine. He has lived in Canada for over 15 years and currently works as a high school teacher. He is currently working toward a PhD in Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Manitoba.

Izzeddin, along with Jewish-Canadian, and Quaker colleagues, is a co-founder of Gaser and has been speaking publicly about the power of dialogue and the importance of sharing, listening, and respecting diverse perspectives and narratives. Izzeddin is also working to develop opportunities for Indigenous students and newcomer students to share spaces and stories in an effort to build bridges and break down the barriers. In addition, Izzeddin is a member of the CRRIC board and a member of the Countering Radicalization to Violence in Manitoba Schools.

He has been selected to join the first CBC Manitoba Community Advisory Board, and is a member of the Community & Stakeholder Relations Committee of Mediation Services of Winnipeg. Izzeddin also serves on the Peacebuilder committee of the Winnipeg Rotary club and is passionate about bridging the gap between local and international peacebuilding efforts.

Izzeddin is a proud member of the BIPOC Advisory committee of MARL and works to promote voices of marginalized communities. He is also passionate about storytelling, poetry, and the use of dialogue in peacebuilding.


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John Hutton, MSW
Sessional Instructor in Conflict Resolution Studies

John is a senior-level manager and mediator with over 30 years' experience in the social services sector with a strong, hands-on background in conflict resolution and restorative justice.

John spent four years in Recife, Brazil as a peace and conflict worker with the Mennonite Central Committee from 1997 and 2001 developing the Projecto de Paz Familiar (“the Family Peace Project”).

John’s experience also includes eleven years of employment as the Executive Director with the John Howard Society of Manitoba and five years as a Manager of Community Investment with United Way of Winnipeg.  While with JHSM, John helped found the Restorative Justice Association of Manitoba.

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Julie HydePhD, Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Manitoba
Sessional Instructor in Conflict Resolution Studies

Julie holds a doctorate in Peace and Conflict Studies from the University of Manitoba as well as a Masters in Peace Education from the UN-mandated University for Peace. She has taught undergraduate classes for over a decade, working at Menno Simons College and McMaster University. She is currently a postdoctoral fellow at Dalhousie University and is undertaking a multi-partner research project exploring the child/youth engagement practices employed by Canadian conservation organizations.

Her scholarship draws upon the fields of Peace and Conflict Studies, Critical Childhood Studies, Postcolonial Studies, and Educational Studies to explore the lived experiences of young people in educational and community settings—highlighting how they contribute to their sociopolitical worlds. Her dissertation research (Troubling pathways: Exploring experiences of young people in Winnipeg’s inner city through a Peace & Conflict Studies frame) employed arts-based narrative methods to examine the experiences of middle-year students in Winnipeg.

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Sandra Krahn

Sandra Krahn, PhD, Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Manitoba
Sessional Instructor in Conflict Resolution Studies

Sandra has a Bachelor of Education and taught in high schools for ten years, this included being a project leader for a UNESCO school. Storytelling is an important part of her peacebuilding practice and she has participated in storytelling projects at the Winnipeg International Storytelling Festival, the Needs Centre, Resource Assistance for Youth (RaY), the Manitoba Storytelling Guild, Storytellers of Canada and the Loreto Day School Sealdah (Kolkata, India). She is a visual artist and uses multiple mediums to explore different concepts and issues. Currently working on a PhD in Peace and Conflict Studies, her focus is exploring how women in educational settings take on peacebuilding roles in their communities.

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Susan Maxson

Susan Maxson, MDP, University of Winnipeg
Sessional Instructor in International Development Studies & Conflict Resolution Studies

Susan is a graduate of the Masters of Development Practice program at the University of Winnipeg. She has been working on development projects for almost 30 years, both internationally and in Canada, starting first in disaster relief and then food security, economic development, waste management, policy and climate change adaptation. She is passionate about community development using participatory engagement.

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C. McDougall

Corrie Lynn McDougall, PhD, Development and International Affairs, Aalborg University, Denmark
Sessional Instructor in International Development Studies

Corrie Lynn has been teaching courses at MSC since 2012, including Participatory Local Development, Action Research Methods, Humanitarian Aid and Conflict, and Development Aid Policy. In addition to teaching, she has been employed as a research and communications consultant for 15 years, working internationally and locally with non-profit and public sector organizations. Corrie Lynn is currently engaged as the gender and M&E specialist in a GAC-funded women's empowerment project in Palestine.  A large part of her personal time has been committed to social justice and voluntary initiatives

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Natasha Mohammed, MA in International Peace Studies, University of Notre Dame
Sessional Instructor in Conflict Resolution Studies

As a lifelong learner Natasha has sought out diverse educational experiences including a BSc (University of Manitoba), a BA in Conflict Resolution Studies (University of Winnipeg), and an MA International Peace Studies (University of Notre Dame, USA). In addition to having served as a community counsellor, mediator, group facilitator, and Victim Impact Worker, Natasha has taught in government, community, and university contexts for almost two decades. She has a special interest in conflict and culture, and in group processes that support engagement. For Natasha, relationship is the key to peace—in the world, communities, families, and within individuals.

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Debra Jean Moore

Debra Jean Moore, MA in Conflict Analysis and Management, Royal Roads University; Graduate Certificate in Applied Counselling, Providence Theological Seminary
Sessional Instructor in Conflict Resolution Studies

Debra Jean has a passion for helping people find healing. Whether through private counselling, improved interpersonal communication, mediation, healing circles, workshops, or organisational systems analysis, Debra Jean works to find the root of the issue and facilitates positive change. She engages congregations in finding a healing path through conflict and is a conflict counsellor for those who want to find solutions or dig deeper into an issue.

Debra Jean has an MA in Conflict Analysis and Management from Royal Roads University (2008), a Graduate Certificate in Applied Counselling (November 2020) from Providence Seminary, and is an RCMP Informal Conflict Practitioner. Her classroom teaching style is workshop-oriented, including lecturing interspersed with discussion and exercises. Students can expect to learn from each other, and to examine themselves in relation to each topic.

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Deo Namwirea

Deo Namwira, PhD, International Development, University of Birmingham
Sessional Instructor in International Development Studies 

Deo Namwira holds a MSc (Guelph 2002) in International Development and just completed his PhD (Birmingham, UK 2020) in International Development. His doctoral research work concentrated on ecosystem-based fisheries in terms of human systems, transboundary dynamics, and livelihood patterns in the context of conflict. His research examined the connections between the social and ecological systems of a transboundary lake in a transdisciplinary study approach combining insights from social and natural sciences. In addition, Deo worked both as a Research and Teaching Associate at the University of Birmingham from 2016 to 2020, delivering seminars in Introduction to Economics, International Economy and Critical Approaches to Development modules.

Prior to the University of Birmingham, Deo was the International Grants Manager for Mennonite Central Committee Canada for 10 years. A native of the D.R. Congo, Deo has over 20 years of experience in international development, program design and management, as well as capacity-building as instruments of poverty reduction and sustainable development. He has worked on a range of humanitarian, conflict resolution and development projects with several NGOs, local and international, both in Africa and in Canada. The international nature of his work has allowed him to visit professionally more than 50 countries located in Africa, Asia, Middle East and Latin America, facilitating workshops, acquiring training, experience and exposure, as well as attending conferences on several key international development issues.

In his spare time, Deo enjoys instructing karate for health, fitness and peace-making. He holds a fourth-degree black belt.

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Siddha Param

Siddha Param, LLB (Hons), University of London
Sessional Instructor in Conflict Resolution Studies

Siddha teaches Negotiation Theory and Practice at MSC. He was called to the Bar in Malaysia where he practised as a lawyer/advocate and solicitor in commercial, corporate, banking, construction and civil law. He has advised multinational corporations (MNCs) as well as small and medium enterprises (SMEs) on commercial and international trade transactions.

Siddha has conducted training on international trade, negotiations, corporate governance, ethics, company structures, branding and business leadership. He has also lectured under the University of London (External) Law Honours Degree program and the Anglia Polytechnic University Law Degree program in Malaysia. Subjects taught include the English Legal System, Constitutional Law, Contract Law, Jurisprudence, Public International Law and Human Rights Law. His publications include; contributing writer—Halsbury's Laws of Malaysia, Volume 13, on Companies published by Malayan Law Journal Publication, Butterworth/LexisNexis; 2002.

Siddha is involved in community service with the Transcona Rotary Club and the Rotary District 5550 World Peace Partners committee. He is currently a consultant with

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Stephen Penner,  PhD (Candidate), Rural Studies, University of Guelph
Sessional Instructor in International Development Studies & Conflict Resolution Studies

Stephen has over twenty years of experience working in the wholesale manufacturing and retail industry and is now passionate about using his skills in business to help developing communities become socio-economically resilient.

"I have shared spaces, worked with, and engaged in collaborative research with people across rural and remote North American communities... like the Nishanaabe Aski Nation and the Eeyou Cree Nation," Penner says. "My experiences in communities, engaging with Elders, knowledge keepers, and community activists is what frames my ways of teaching."

Stephen completed his Master's in Development Practise at the University of Winnipeg and has held several roles at UWinnipeg. He currently teaches in the Indigenous Studies program and this semester added Menno Simon's College's Conflict & Development Issues in Indigenous Communities to his resume. Stephen has enjoyed "being part of a shared circle of learning and watching the emergence of community-engaged scholars" in his class.

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Angie Perkins

Angie Perkins, Master's in Indigenous Policy and Administration (in progress), Carleton University 
Sessional Instructor in International Development Studies & Conflict Resolution Studies

Angie Perkins is an Inuk from Nunatsiavut who works with the United Way East Ontario as a Senior Manager for the Indigenous Employment Initiative. She recently worked at the Native Women’s Association of Canada as a Senior Policy Advisor prior to leaving the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council as a Stakeholder Engagement Officer for Indigenous Research in Ottawa, ON.

Angie has worked over 12 years as a facilitator for various projects and programs in Northern communities and urban centers in Canada. She earned her Aboriginal Self-Government and Administration diploma from Red River College followed by a 4-year BA in Indigenous Studies from the University of Winnipeg; she is currently completing a Master’s Diploma program at Carleton University in Indigenous Policy and Administration.

Since graduating from university, Angie has worked with the Manitoba Metis Federation and later moved on to the Kivalliq Mine Training Society as the Executive Director in the Kivalliq region of Nunavut. With over twelve years of experience in the non-profit sector, Angie is experienced in training to employment initiatives for Indigenous communities with various sectors in Indigenous resource industries.

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C. Reed, PhD, Peace and Conflict Studies
Sessional Instructor in Conflict Resolution Studies

Dr. Reed teaches Introduction to Conflict to Resolution Studies and Conflict, Faith, and Community. Her areas of research are nonviolent social movements, humour and music as acts of resistance, and women's strength and dignity in times of genocide. Dr. Reed has been teaching for 18 years, both in Canada and internationally, and she is humbled by the courage and grace of her students each year.

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Rick Schmidt

Rick Schmidt, MA in Conflict Resolution Studies, Antioch University
Sessional Instructor in Conflict Resolution Studies

Rick has been a mediator since 1991, the year he joined Mediation Services' 'Victim-Offender Reconciliation Program' as a volunteer. In addition to his work as a mediator and facilitator in private practice, he teaches conflict resolution (CR) skills courses at MSC and Canadian Mennonite University (CMU), leads CR training workshops, and does CR consulting and private coaching. He's also an associate trainer with Mediation Services. 

And, on a good day, Rick practises what he preaches, even at home. 

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Dany Theberge

Tara Sheppard-Luangkhot, PhD (Candidate), Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Manitoba; MMFT, The University of Winnipeg
Sessional Instructor in Conflict Resolution Studies

Tara (they/them) has worked for over two decades in mental health and social services, assisting oppressed couples, families, and groups in relationship and identity conflicts. Tara works to decolonize educational spaces and build collaborative learning about conflict analysis,  grassroots conflict interventions, and ways to build cross-cultural relationships of peace and social justice.

Tara earned a BA in Psychology from University of British Columbia and a Master of Marriage and Family Therapy degree from The University of Winnipeg. Tara is a Hassan bin Talal PhD fellow and is currently pursuing a doctorate in Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Manitoba. 

Tara is an engaging anti-oppressive educator, human rights activist, and a trained mediator, with an interest in equitable cross-cultural and cross-gender communication, family mediation, workplace disputes, and restorative justice. Tara’s research interests are dismantling white supremacy, preventing and intervening into violent extremist conflict, and peace praxis that assists equity and inclusion of marginalized, intersectional identities in the Global North and South.

Contact Tara:

Dany Theberge

Dany Théberge, JD/JD, University of Windsor and University of Detroit Mercy; MIR (Master of Industrial Relations), Queen's University
Sessional Instructor in Conflict Resolution Studies

Dany practices labour and employment law and is called to the Bar in both Manitoba and Ontario. She advises private and public sector clients on wrongful dismissals, human rights, privacy, occupational health and safety, discipline, collective agreement bargaining and administration, and policy review. She has appeared before the Manitoba Court of Queen's Bench, and the Superior Court of Justice and the Ontario Court of Justice in Ontario, as well as participated in numerous settlement conferences, mediation processes and negotiations with both counsel and self-represented litigants.

Dany is a proud member of the Francophone community. She is also a member of the 2020-21 Executive of the Manitoba Bar Association Labour and Employment Law Section.

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