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Roger Barsy, MPA, University of Manitoba
Sessional Instructor in Conflict Resolution Studies

Roger teaches Introduction to Conflict Resolution Studies and has taught Workplace Conflict and Conflict within Groups. He has extensive involvement in conflict resolution programs in both training and a planning capacity for over 30 years. As the former Director of the Manitoba Residential Tenancies Branch he established Canada's first housing court using investigation, mediation, and adjudication techniques for resolving disputes between landlords and tenants. He served on several conflict resolution boards including the University of Manitoba in an advisory capacity. Roger has practical experience in community dispute resolution, as well as family, victim offender, and business mediation. He has conducted dispute resolution workshops for business and community groups.

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Gaylen Eaton, MNRM
Sessional Instructor in International Development Studies and Conflict Resolution Studies

Gaylen has been teaching sessional courses at MSC since 2007 including Participatory Local Development, Action Research Methods, and more recently, Environmental Sustainability. Gaylen works at an environmental consulting firm in Winnipeg as an environmental researcher primarily on land and resource use studies and geographic information systems (GIS). She is experienced at designing and applying both qualitative and quantitative research methods, working with a variety of stakeholders on environmental issues and projects, and advanced GIS modelling and analysis.

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Janet Eisbrenner, MA of Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation, Texas University
Sessional Instructor in Conflict Resolution Studies

Janet has been teaching conflict resolution studies courses at MSC since 2008. She currently teaches Introduction to Conflict Resolution Studies and has taught Conflict within Groups. Janet has a wide-spread educational experience including a Bachelor of Administration degree (University of Regina), a Bachelor of Arts degree in Conflict Resolution Studies (University of Winnipeg), and a Master of Arts in Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation (Abilene, Texas). She also has two years of study at the University of Saskatchewan, Bachelor of Education degree program. She holds certification in Counseling Skills, Basic Mediation, and Family Mediation. Janet has extensive theoretical and practical experience in leadership, entrepreneurship, teaching, mediation, leadership, administration, conflict resolution, counseling, and business. Published research work includes a "Comparative Analysis of Mediator Credentialing Standards and Mediator Ethical Guidelines," presented at the Annual Convention of the State Bar of Texas, 2011. Janet also teaches business courses at the Asper School of Business, University of Manitoba. When Janet is not teaching, she works as a mediation, coaching and counseling practitioner and also facilitates online courses in conflict resolution and business. Janet is married and has one son. She enjoys outdoor activities, family and friends, playing the piano, reading, wildlife conservation and animal rescue pursuits.

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Zack Gross, MA of History, University of Manitoba
Sessional Instructor in International Development Studies

Zack has spent a long 45-year career in international development, mostly in areas of educating Manitobans and Canadians, advocating on a variety of development issues (such as fair trade) and working with partner groups on projects in East Africa and Central America. Currently, he is international projects officer and fair trade outreach coordinator at the Manitoba Council for International Cooperation (MCIC). Along with teaching at MSC, Zack also facilitates online diploma courses in IDS through the University of British Columbia (UBC).

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Richard Grunfeld, MMFTh, University of Winnipeg; MSW, University of Pennsylvania
Sessional Instructor in Conflict Resolution Studies

Conflict in the Family is a course everyone relates to. Richard has been teaching at MSC since 1996. His passion is to help students enhance their understanding of the nuanced complexities of family dynamics. A particular area of interest includes the family system as an operational entity within its particular socio/cultural environment. Working professionally with families for over 35 years as a family therapist and social worker has taught him the importance of both widening and deepening the lens of vision. Being both an instructor and practitioner, he utilizes sociological, anthropological, and psychological perspectives, as well as clinical experience to keep classroom learning relevant and imaginative.

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Cathy Hanischuk Morris, BA in Conflict Resolution Studies, University of Winnipeg
Sessional Instructor in Conflict Resolution Studies

Cathy teaches Conflict & Communication at MSC. Most of her work experience has been in Human Resources (training and development, recruitment, and selection) and Employee Relations. More recently she has done conflict resolution consulting for workplaces, communities, and mostly in congregations. Cathy has been a volunteer mediator for approximately 10 years.

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John Hutton, MSW
Sessional Instructor in Conflict Resolution Studies

John has over 25 years of experience in social services. In the 1990's he began working in conflict resolution and mediation while completing his Master's of Social Work. John served with the Mennonite Central Committee as a conflict resolution worker in Recife, Brazil, from 1997-2001. Upon returning to Winnipeg, he worked as a caseworker for Mediation Services and the United Way. John has been the executive director of the John Howard Society of Manitoba since 2008. He has taught a variety of courses at the University of Manitoba and Canadian Mennonite University. He is currently teaching Restorative Justice at Menno Simons. (Photo: CBC/Kim Kaschor)

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Cory Lewis, MA of Laws, University of London
Sessional Instructor in Conflict Resolution Studies

Cory teaches Negotiation Theory and Practice at MSC. Previously he taught negotiation, sales, and legal topics at other post-secondary institutions. Since being called to the Manitoba Bar in 1986 he has practiced real estate, commercial, estates, and multi-level marketing law. He lives in Winnipeg with his wife, Nancy, two sons, Nick and Hunter, and their dog, Blackie.

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Tabitha Martens, PhD (Candidate) in Indigenous Food Sovereignty, University of Manitoba
Sessional Instructor in International Development Studies

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Corrie Lynn McDougall, PhD Development & International Relations, Aalborg University
Sessional Instructor in International Development Studies

Corrie Lynn has been teaching at universities in Denmark and Canada in the areas of community-based development, international aid system, food security and action research. Corrie Lynn's research interests encompass: the formation and growth of non-profit organizations; strategic responses of non-profit organizations to changing policy; organizational learning; and the impact of philanthropic foundations. Corrie Lynn has served on the boards of several nonprofit organizations and works as a freelance consultant on community development and organizational development. She is a grant reviewer for the Manitoba Council for International Cooperation, a charitable foundation located in Winnipeg, MB.

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Natasha Mohammed, MA International Peace Studies, University of Notre Dame
Sessional Instructor in Conflict Resolution Studies

As a life-long learner Natasha has sought out diverse educational experiences including a BSc (University of Manitoba), a BA in Conflict Resolution Studies (University of Winnipeg), and an MA International Peace Studies (University of Notre Dame, USA). In addition to having served as a community counsellor, mediator, group facilitator, and Victim Impact Worker, Natasha has taught in government, community, and university contexts for almost two decades. She has a special interest in conflict and culture, and in group processes that support engagement. For Natasha, relationship is the key to peace—in the world, communities, families, and within individuals.

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Debra Jean Moore, MA Conflict Analysis and Management, Royal Roads University
Sessional Instructor in Conflict Resolution Studies

Debra Jean Moore has taught a number of CRS classes at Menno Simons since 2008, and has an MA of Conflict Analysis and Management from Royal Roads University.  She desires to help students and congregations understand a healing path through conflict, using circles for discussion and healing.  Classes involve small and large group discussions, and students can expect to learn from each other and to examine themselves in relation to each topic. 

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Robin Neustaeter, PhD Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Manitoba
Sessional Instructor in Conflict Resolution Studies

Robin has worked in peace and community development research and education for over 15 years in Canada, Sweden, and the Caribbean. Engaging with communities and people to discover and build upon local everyday peacebuilding knowledge and practice, while advocating for social justice and change is her passion. In addition to developing and facilitating workshops and programs on community building and development, conflict resolution, nonviolent social change/action, and art, Robin has sat on the board of several non-profit organisations and volunteers in her community. Robin is an Assistant Professor at St. Francis Xavier University in the Department of Adult Education. She holds a BA (Conflict Resolution and International Development, University of Winnipeg), MEd (Adult Education, Mount Saint Vincent University) and PhD (Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Manitoba). 

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Rick Schmidt, MA in Conflict Resolution Studies, Antioch University
Sessional Instructor in Conflict Resolution Studies

Rick has been a mediator since 1991, the year he joined Mediation Services' 'Victim-Offender Reconciliation Program' as a volunteer. In addition to his work as a mediator and facilitator in private practice, he teaches conflict resolution (CR) skills courses at MSC and Canadian Mennonite University, leads CR training workshops, and does CR consulting and private coaching in a wide variety of situations. He's also an associate trainer with Mediation Services/Resolution Skills Centre (Winnipeg) and the Crisis & Trauma Resource Institute.

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Hom Gartaula, PhD Social Sciences, Wageningen University
Sessional Instructor in International Development Studies

Hom teaches international development, environmental sustainability, program planning, monitoring and evaluation related courses. He has over 16 years of experience as a development researcher, educator and practitioner in the field of food security, agrarian change, livelihood, poverty, international migration, climate change, and human wellbeing, with regional focus on South Asia and East Africa. He has provided his services to academic institutes and non-profit organizations in South Asia, East Africa, Western Europe and North America. Hom also works as International Program Coordinator at the Manitoba Council for International Cooperation (MCIC) where he manages international development projects mainly in the Global South. He has extensively published in the field of food security, international migration, agrarian change, and human wellbeing. His research profile and publication details are available in Google Scholar and ResearchGate

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Sandra Krahn, PhD (Candidate), University of Manitoba
Sessional Instructor in Conflict Resolution Studies

Sandra has a Bachelor of Education and taught in high schools for ten years, this included being a project leader for a UNESCO school. Storytelling is an important part of her peacebuilding practice and she has participated in storytelling projects at the Winnipeg International Storytelling Festival, the Needs Centre, Resource Assistance for Youth (RaY), the Manitoba Storytelling Guild, Storytellers of Canada and the Loreto Day School Sealdah (Kolkata, India). She is a visual artist and uses multiple mediums to explore different concepts and issues. Currently working on a PhD in Peace and Conflict Studies, her focus is exploring how women in educational setting take on peacebuilding roles in their communities. 

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Siddha Param, LLB (Hons), University of London
Sessional Instructor in Negotiation Theory & Practice

Siddha teaches Negotiation Theory and Practice at MSC. He was called to the Bar in Malaysia where he practised as a lawyer/advocate & solicitor in commercial, corporate, banking, construction and civil law. He has advised multinational corporations (MNCs) as well as small and medium enterprises (SMEs) on commercial and international trade transactions.

Siddha has conducted training on international trade, negotiations, corporate governance, ethics, company structures, branding and business leadership. He has also lectured under the University of London (External) Law Honours Degree program and the Anglia Polytechnic University Law Degree program in Malaysia. Subjects taught include the English Legal System, Constitutional Law, Contract Law, Jurisprudence, Public International Law and Human Rights Law. His publications include; contributing writer—Halsbury's Laws of Malaysia, Volume 13, on Companies published by Malayan Law Journal Publication, Butterworth/LexisNexis; 2002.

Siddha is involved in community service with the Transcona Rotary Club and the Rotary District 5550 World Peace Partners committee. His is currently a consultant with

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Lowell Friesen, PhD at the University of Massachusetts Amherst
Sessional Instructor

Lowell began his post-secondary education as a music student, completing degrees at Providence University College and the University of Manitoba School of Music. He then switched his academic focus to philosophy, completing an MA at the University of Manitoba and then a PhD at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Lowell's dissertation explored the nature and structure of conscious experience. Though his area of expertise is philosophy of mind, he is somewhat of a generalist, with interests in the cognitive science of religion, philosophy of religion, and ethics. Lowell teaches philosophy at Menno Simons and at a number of other post-secondary institutions in Winnipeg. He also works as a part-time choir director at Saint Margaret's Anglican Church.

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Ahmad Moussa, MA of International Law and Human Rights, United Nations mandated University for Peace.
Sessional Instructor in International Development Studies

Ahmad teaches Indigenous Peoples and the Industrial State. He holds a Master of Arts in International Law and Human Rights specializing in indigenous rights topics. Ahmad has extensive and diverse experience working in social justice and human rights activism. He has worked in the rural, isolated community areas as well as the urban street level areas with indigenous peoples locally and globally; broadening his understanding and witnessing first hand the consequences and challenges that indigenous peoples face in their territories. Having worked as a human rights officer for six years for the Transitional Justice Process in Canada for indigenous peoples known as the Residential School Settlement Agreement, Ahmad brings unique and distinct perspective when it comes to advancing justice and reconciliation with and for indigenous peoples where the importance of a rights based approach to development emphasizes the inclusion of the local-global interconnections.

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