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Haneen Al-jaqobi

New year, new MSCSA faciliator!

by Haneen Al-jaqobi

My name is Haneen Al-jaqobi and I will be the facilitator for the Menno Simons College Student Association (MSCSA) this upcoming school year! I am currently a student in the final year of my degree, and hope to graduate in the spring of 2019 with a double major in Psychology and Conflict Resolution Studies

Although I am technically a double major in both Psychology and Conflict Resolution, peace studies at Menno Simons College (MSC) has won my heart (sorry Psychology). As someone of a Middle-Eastern background who has been personally affected by conflict in the Middle-East, I have always shown an interest in that particular conflict. This led me to eventually begin to look into Conflict Resolution Studies in my second year of university. 

Discovering this hidden gem on the other side of the street was the making of my university experience. My experience thus far at MSC has been nothing but fantastic! I love the intimate environment, the small class sizes and the overall community within MSC. Learning goes beyond class room lectures, professors know my name and truly care about my success, and fellow students have become my friends outside of a classroom setting. 

The MSCSA consists of a very wonderful team this year and we cannot wait to work with you all! Though the school year hasn't yet started, the team is already cooking up some awesome ideas for students. Currently we are brainstorming ideas for job preparation for upcoming graduates. The MSCSA hopes that providing job preparations for upcoming graduates will put many students at ease post-graduation. While being a student can be very stressful, I hope that the initiatives we will work on in the upcoming school year will aid in student success and positive mental well-being. The MSCSA also hopes to create peace-building events and encourage student participation. We have many ideas in store and can't wait to take action! See you all in the fall!

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