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Chris Sundby chats with MSCSA Sustainability Coordinator Teruni Walaliyadde (left) and Conflict Resolution Professor Karen Ridd (right) at the Common Unity event.

MSCSA to launch new scholarship for peers

Since the early weeks of first semester, this year’s MSC Student Association (MSCSA) has had a unique priority: to develop a new scholarship for one of their peers. No one recalls who’s idea it was, but the eight members are committed to furthering MSCSA’s values of peace, justice, equality, social action, and community.

Chris Sundby, the MSCSA facilitator, explains that his team is working to raise $500 for a student who embodies these values. The scholarship will be added to the list of others available to returning Menno Simons students and awarded based on merit.

The MSCSA hosted their first fundraiser for the scholarship on November 25, a panel discussion designed to explore the meaning of community. Panelists included professors, students, and conflict resolution professionals, ten individuals with unique stories about the value of community.

Sundby considers the event a success. The speakers drew a large number of visitors from the community and over $300 was donated toward the scholarship. The event itself reflected the values the scholarship is based on, bringing together a diverse group for community-building.

While the primary purpose of the scholarship is to “give back” to their fellow students, the MSCSA also wishes to highlight the good things happening throughout the Menno Simons community. Many students are already involved in important justice work which makes the College the place it is.

A second event is planned for the winter semester, to raise the remainder needed for the scholarship. If more than $500 is raised, the surplus will be set aside for next year. The MSCSA is hopeful that the scholarship will become an annual tradition at the College.

Full details of the scholarship have been written with the assistance of the CMU administration.

The deadline to apply for returning student scholarships is March 30. Application information is available here.

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